An artwork made with love and craftsmanship, deserves to be treated with respect. That is what we  guarantee with a professional treatment and result with every restoration. Due to our expert treatments, we prevent the decay of paintings on cloth, panel or other carriers. Also, icons, wall paintings, gilded frames, decorations, stone or plaster, as well as wooden polychrome sculptures are treated in our studio to complete satisfaction. You can contact us for any useful and necessary maintenance of artworks that are subject to depreciation. This includes:  cleaning of artworks, removing layers of varnish, removing old retouches, impregnation and/or re-canvassing, sealing of holes and tears by re-connecting fibres, applying new tenters and/or doublures, repairing cracks in on ornaments and filling in gaps, retouching and performing local repairs respecting and maintaining the original character of the artwork, restoring treatable damage by fire or water to art objects,  woodworm treatment and disinfection of mold infractions.


Kerat also likes to offer expert advice on the maintenance and conservation of works of art. A first provisional consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Each restoration project requires its own approach, which is decide upon in consultation with the client. Due to our specific experience in restoration techniques and our thorough knowledge of materials, we provide a competent and well-considered solution to all questions and problems surrounding artwork. If necessary, we arrange support from external laboratories to provide a responsible solution to specific problems. Because of these advantages, Kerat regularly carries out expert reviews for insurance companies.


Art Restorer Frederik Cnockaert offers full art restoration and conservation services. Preservation old new paintings, canvas, paper or panel. Polychrome wood statues, stone sculptures carriers. As conservator Frederik has over 30 years of restoration experience within the medium in which he specialized. He offers restoration, conservation and cleaning services on oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, works on paper, as well as other mediums and substrates. He provides a free estimate on conservation services; please contact him for more information or to schedule an appointment. 


We love to receive groups of visitors in our restoration studios and in our historical domain. We will be happy to arrange an appointment, both during the day or evening, or during the weekend. On request, Frederik Cnockaert likes to give if wanted a lecture on art, restoration, forgery, age and style of an artifact and the undefined boundary between art and kitsch. The art market and art value and all concerned risks are discussed. The content of a lecture is always adapted to the target audience. If wanted, the restorator-conservator can determine the current value of artworks brought the audience after the lecture. With a lot of visual materials, the theme of 'Real Art and Falsifications' is explored. The price for a guided tour is 7€ per person excl.vat. The minimum cost is 95 € excl. VAT per group. See here a sample movie